Know Your Numbers! Realtime Cost-per-Mile Visibility
for Owner Operators and Small

We understand your business

Trucking is all about transporting cargo

in time
in budget
in good condition

But: is your business profitable?
You can only improve what you can measure!

Our Mission:

Gain visibility over your all-in operating cost at any time with the single most important metric in trucking: cost per mile to

make informed decisions
have entrepreneurial freedom to drive your company
improve your overall profitability

Why Fleet Number?
Fleet Number is a woman-owned business and focuses on improving daily operations, fleet lifecycle management and provides support with vehicle procurement and disposal. We help you to validate your expenses, gain transparency over your asset history with 360° visibility and identify the best time to renew your assets.

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Fleet Management with Fleet Number,
  • You can only improve what you can measure.
  • Fleet Electrification/AFV needs? → Know your numbers first.
  • Be ready to meet your customers’ new demands. → Know what you are quoting.
  • Truly understand the cost of change to AFV.

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